Christopher Rochford, Costain

Christopher’s nominator tells us why he was nominated:


Chris is the general foreman for the Tovil Footbridge works. He is very engaging and demonstrates this in
everything that he does on site. He took it upon himself to engage with the Kent MFF Environmental Team,
the local primary school, our client and local residents to ensure the rehabilitation works at Tovil were


Chris is a true inspiration to everyone who works with him. He is able to control and manage all tasks put to
him and does it without complaining. He puts two feet forward at all times and encourages everyone around
him to work towards their best ability.

Chris has a natural enthusiasm for the natural and built environment and this is demonstrated in his personal and professional life. He has a keen eye for ecology and strives to include it in the works he does on site. He is currently studying for his IEMA Practitioner exam in a bid to further his Environmental career.

Chris has a very creative eye and helps out in all stages of design where he can. He planned the rehabilitation works at Tovil and made sure the species planted tie in with the surrounding area. He is a keen craftsman and can turn his hand to woodwork and brickwork in his own spare time. He has also helped other people on the team in the design of everything from red brick BBQ to kitchens!


Chris is very keen to increase his environmental knowledge by studying for his IEMA Practitioner exam. Not only does he like to learn new things but he is often seen passing on his extensive knowledge to his site and office teams.  


How Christopher has gone the extra mile to enrich and enhance biodiversity on this project…
It was Chris’s idea to turn a forgotten compound in the corner of the site into an area that will provide education and pleasure for the local community. He worked really hard at engaging with the school, our client and the Kent Wildlife Trust to ensure that the day’s activities went without a hitch. Keeping the children’s education in mind he organised for the classroom to be built at the top of the site so that various people (including engineers, the Kent Wildlife Trust, works managers etc.) could speak to the children about careers in construction, health, safety and environment on the railway and the different species and wildlife in the area. None of this hard work and good effort was a client or planning requirement. Chris organised all of this to truly promote the good works and to leave a lasting legacy on the local community. He has definitely gone above and beyond what was required for him.