David Wright, Morrison Construction

Project nominated for: Whatriggs Primary School and Early Learning Centre

Nominated by: Diane Mackinnon, Whatriggs Primary School Headmistress


David's nominator tells us why he was nominated:



David worked each week with school pupils to integrate them into the building process and to make

them part of the project. He would look at areas of the design where we could involve them and

their ideas and working with the relevant teams to see how we could best implement it.



David regularly gave talks to the school, college and university students inspiring them about the

project and career pathways into construction. During the 52 week construction period, he had several

students shadowing him for work experience to learn about the industry and the positive impact it has.


David was consistently smashing targets by encouraging his team and supply chain to do their best for the environment and community. This included setting up materials reclaim area for the community and creating a bug hotel for the pupils to take ownership of when they came to visit the site.


David came up with innovative ways to involve the children in the build such as ‘Design your playground’ competition as well as setting up a community reclaim area on the site where locals could come and get free materials that would otherwise go to waste. Additionally, two paths were built for local churches with these materials.



David’s proactive approach with the community allowed him after the project handover to work with the school to create the heritage trail at Bellfield estate. Thinking ahead he believed QR codes on posts would be the most innovative, accessible and cost effective way of educating visitors on local heritage and biodiversity.


How David has gone the extra mile to enrich and enhance biodiversity on this project…

David has worked with the community and the school in Whatriggs. He has had a major involvement in all environmental aspects, including working with the school to gain the John Muir awards after project handover. Alongside this he encouraged the school to fix up Belfield estate linking up the council with the school and members of the community to create a legacy project for the whole community to enjoy. This gives the children a sense of pride of their local heritage and greenspace, and allows the school to work towards something with the pupils going forward each year. David is a project manager and considering he has no prior experience with environmental and biodiversity topics, he has championed this throughout the project from engaging with the children through to influencing landscaping strategy to incorporate more natural components. Prior to entering construction industry, David studied for a degree in Primary School Education.