John Little, Grass Roof Company

Project nominated for: Clapton Park Estate grounds maintenance, Green Roof Shelters, Hilldrop -

brownfield & waste material trials for wildlife (and open days) and 120+green roof buildings.

Nominated by: Duncan Kramer, Green Roof Shelters


John's nominator tells us why he was nominated:



Whether it be school governors or the resident board of housing estates, John has hooked them all

into the importance and joy of using plants and biodiversity to make better places to live. 


He has built and talked habitat into all his work - engaging both clients and ‘passers-by’.



His turf roof house he built in 1995 and surrounding wild garden permeate through all his public work. Pieces of his ‘style’ can now be seen throughout the UK. His work on social housing is starting to change the way we write contracts, putting people and biodiversity before tarmac and tape measures. 


Anyone who meets John will never doubt his enthusiasm. It is overwhelming! Without this he wouldn’t have been able to change attitudes and dogma that for years has underestimated the power of our surroundings to change lives.


John has always wanted to challenge the ‘everyday’. Whether it be changing grounds maintenance contracts into documents of kindness and care for people and the environment, or making bicycle and bin shelters a thing of beauty.



John's knowledge has come from years of hands-on work. From his love for wild plants as a kid to designing, building and ‘selling’ biodiversity throughout his career.  He loves to share this knowledge with residents, through workshops and talks, & this year running a festival of green space at his house and garden


How John has gone the extra mile to enrich and enhance biodiversity on this project…

Speak to John’s family and friends and they will tell you that his work and enthusiasm for connecting wildlife with people is in his guts. It is what he is, both at work and at home. John works way past the pay cheque, devoting many extra hours to make things happen: to get the funding, to run gardening clubs, or add that extra thyme and mint the residents wanted.


John often says that biodiversity is - by definition - something that has to include us all.