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Kathy Grogan from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust …


has been nominated by collaborators Ian Boyd, Claire Hector, Nigel George and Sam Buck from ArcConsulting and
Artecology, for her work on Forest School, Beach School, Woodland Therapy, Wildlife Tots,and Wildlife Watch.

Kathy’s nominators tell us why she was nominated:

Kathy has a wonderful ability to make everyone and anyone feel welcome and wanted at the events and
programmes she runs. From tots of 3 and 4 to whole classes of school children, from young adults to those
recovering from mental illness, Kathy listens and calms and cares. It’s amazing!

Kathy’s passion for wildlife and conservation is inspiring because it is utterly authentic and lifelong. Her personal commitment to biodiversity is so compelling that it rubs off on everyone she works with, motivating them too to get involved, take action, and be a champion for wildlife!

Kathy’s enthusiasm for biodiversity is absolutely obvious from the sheer number of groups and activities that she has begun, and sustained, for people of all ages across the Isle of Wight! Her determination and perseverance, to make wildlife encounter possible for hundreds of people year after year, is remarkable. 

Everyone knows that Kathy is as much an artist as she is a naturalist! She constantly finds new ways to engage her audience. The Forest and Beach Schools are masterclasses in improvised making and creating, using natural materials on the spot to tell a wildlife story and make it memorable. 

Kathy has worked for biodiversity and conservation for 30 years and there isn’t much she doesn’t know about habitat, landscape and wildlife! But, it’s one thing to be knowledgeable and quite another to be capable of communicating that understanding to so many and with such infectious curiosity!

How Kathy has gone the extra mile to enrich and enhance biodiversity on this project…

Kathy works for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and of course biodiversity is in the job description. But she has done far more, and done it far better, than anyone we know! Despite challenges of funding that would make most of us settle for less, she has successfully created programmes of engagement and learning that continue to delight and inspire hundreds year after year. She has helped children, adults, families, schools and communities to explore and understand the natural world around them. We think Kathy is unquestionably a Biodiversity Champion, and we hope you do too.