Michael Dixon, Osborne


Project nominated for: Hollingdean Road

Nominated by: Stuart Corruthers, Project Manager and Kirsty Dunne


Michael's nominator tells us why he was nominated:



The enhancements are not the norm for construction sites and has generated lots of interest and questions

from staff and visitors alike. Michael has been great at communicating how the enhancements support swifts

and why swifts need help in an easily understandable and engaging way. Its been great to see lots of nodding

heads and smiles to Michaels responses.  



It has been refreshing to observe Michael as an Apprentice  taking this challenge head one. It is not easy to change

minds however Michael has motivated others to want to contribute to the project.  


Through Michael’s enthusiasm for the project he has ensured budget constraints, lack of space and site resource allocation have not impacted on the success of this project.


Michael engaged all his creative thought coming up with solutions for where we can mount the enhancements on this tight site and how we can fix, feed and water them safely.  He also came up how with a great idea reusing site signage for vertical hoarding planters.



Michael is an Apprentice Quantity Surveyor which in itself on a job of this size and value is challenging. I have been impressed how Michael has put the effort in to build his environmental knowledge quickly even though he has lots of demands on his time. His knowledge is now impressive and he passes on this to others verbally on a daily basis to staff and visitors. 


How Michael has gone the extra mile to enrich and enhance biodiversity on this project…

Michael has ensured the success of this project with his enthusiasm and knowledge; spending any spare moment between his site commercial commitments to plan and deliver this project. The task included how best to help swifts, how to enhanced the area for the local community, how to fit maximum planters on this tight site, how to make the planters sustainable by reuse of materials, how they can be fixed safely, how they can be managed safely and what will happen to them when the project finishes.  He manages the enhancements on top of his normal site duties and continues to spread the biodiversity enhancement message to others with enthusiasm.