Paul Maslen, Siemens Mobility Limited - Rail Electrification


Project nominated for: Sussex Power Supply Upgrade 

Nominated by: Martin Gregson, Environmental Manager, Siemens Mobility Limited

Paul's nominator tell us why he was nominated:


At the initial project handover meeting Paul listened to the concerns raised by the Environmental Manager and u

nderstood that the project had to be run differently. Without hesitation he engaged with the client and

stakeholders to challenge the programme with the view to substantially changing how it needed to be delivered.



Despite the pressures of delivering a challenging project on time and to budget and initial concerns of delays, Paul quickly sold the different approach to the client and his own project team despite not fully understanding at that point what the different way would look like.


Paul's enthusiasm during the initial site visits with the stakeholder was infectious constantly steering the conversation away from business as usual to delivering an extra-ordinary outcome for an environmentally sensitive location. These early engagements with Paul provided the landowner with a high degree of trust in the project aims.


By looking at the project differently, Paul was instrumental in driving others to innovate to find sustainable solutions including designing out waste. By securing the largest mobile crane in the country Paul unlocked a whole series of decisions which benefited the environment and community and significantly reduced the carbon footprint of the project.



Paul very quickly developed his knowledge of sustainable solutions through delivering this project and used this knowledge to convince the client of the benefits of the changes. The site team through Paul's knowledge and leadership embraced every day practices to reduce all impacts on site.


How Paul has gone the extra mile to enrich and enhance biodiversity on this project…

The culture and behaviour of the project delivery team is very much driven from the project leadership. Paul gave very clear indications to the project team to do things differently empowering the Site Manager to undertake activities at the location including installing flower planters to encourage pollinating opportunities and creating bug hotels throughout the woodland with natural woodland detritus. The biggest impact was through the decisions made by Paul to drive sustainability by design solutions to create substantial hibernacula installations with the demolition and excavation waste when the easier option would have been to remove it all.