Will Eddy from OSBORNE …

has been nominated by colleague Jim McCormick for his work on the One Portsmouth project.


Will’s nominator tells us why he was nominated:


Will is someone who engages well with everyone on site and members of public, he has happily answered a
myriad of questions about this project in an easy to understand way.  


It has been refreshing to observe Will as a trainee taking this challenge head one, it is not easy to change
people’s attitudes, however Will has not only changed minds but has motivated others to want to contribute to the project.    


Through Will’s enthusiasm for the project he has overcome many barriers including budget and site resource allocation.  


Will procured our Ivy walls to find the most economical solution so it will be feasible for future schemes throughout the business. Will has also used is own initiative to re-use off cuts of materials to form our bug hotels maximising the space we have on site to house them. 


As a construction graduate Will has had to build his environmental knowledge quickly by researching his subject. His knowledge is now impressive and he passes on this to others verbally on a daily basis… the installations provoke lots of positive discussion from the public and site workers alike.  He is currently planning a local school visit to carry on the projects good work.     


How Will has gone the extra mile to enrich and enhance biodiversity on this project…

When Will first mentioned entering the Big Biodiversity Challenge he was met with some resistance, largely questioning how the financial and resource investment could be justified.


Will overcame these objections with his enthusiasm and knowledge; spending his own time researching biodiversity and thinking up cheap and easy biodiversity enhancement solutions. He put a successful business case together convincing his seniors about the merits of this project (no small task).


He engaged and challenged others on site to reuse their materials to make planters and bug hotels, many of whom have been inspired to make their own for their homes.   


He tends to the plants on top of his normal site duties and continues to spread the biodiversity enhancement message to others with enthusiasm.