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Meet our 2022 #BIGAwards winners

The BIG Biodiversity Challenge Awards 2022 reached a thrilling finale on Wednesday evening unveiling this year's worthy winners across eight categories, along with the overall winner of this year's Challenge.

Take the Challenge by adding a new biodiversity enhancement to a site, development or existing building

What is the BIG Biodiversity Challenge?

The BIG Biodiversity Challenge to 'do one thing' invites the construction industry to add at least one new biodiversity enhancement to construction sites, developments or existing buildings.


A biodiversity enhancement is an action that improves biodiversity and ecological habitat in the local environment. Enhancements should increase opportunities for biodiversity and go beyond normal business practice or predetermined planning and construction conditions.


The biodiversity enhancement can be a simple intervention or more complex multiple interventions. Examples of these include bird or bat boxes, insect habitat creation, wildflower meadows or wetland restoration. 


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2022 BIG Biodiversity Challenge Awards Sponsors:

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