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CIRIA Biodiversity Community of Practice

CIRIA's aim is to provide knowledge sharing and best practice across the construction industry. To help us achieve this in biodiversity, the Biodiversity Interest Group (BIG) was formed in 2012. In 2022 it evolved into a Community of Practice, providing a great opportunity to come together and share information, discuss key topics, network and help shape CIRIA's work in biodiversity and beyond.

A new Biodiversity Community of Practice

The aim of CIRIA Biodiversity Community of Practice is to provide a knowledge platform for biodiversity practitioners within the construction industry. Biodiversity CoP members include a wide range of built environment industry experts such as clients, consultants, contractors and ecologists.



Since 2012 the legislative context has evolved. Biodiversity Net Gain is making its way into legislation, and biodiversity tools are available to better understand the impacts of projects on biodiversity. Consultations are being undertaken by government to fine tune what the new biodiversity requirements will look like. However, how it will be applied, and how the industry will respond remains to be defined.



What we stand for

We believe that environmental and sustainability practitioners have a vital role to play in building on the UN Sustainability Goals related to Biodiversity and the Government’s legislation and regulations aimed at improving biodiversity.


We see biodiversity as a key issue that needs a clearer understanding within the industry; that should be an integrated part of a construction project.


We want a strong and innovative uptake of Biodiversity Net Gain principles within organisations, and we aspire for biodiversity enhancements to be seen as simple, affordable and achievable.


We believe collaboration is key, and that promotion and knowledge transfer will help improve the outcomes for biodiversity within construction and the built environment.


The BIG Biodiversity Challenge gives the industry the opportunity to become leaders in biodiversity enhancement and to encourage new ways of incorporating biodiversity into our towns and cities.


What does the Community of Practice do?

CIRIA Biodiversity CoP is a network of industry experts from clients, contractors and consultants, engaged with biodiversity developments, achievements in the industry, government initiatives and more.


The group shares knowledge from different sectors and focuses on what tangible outputs can be delivered such as guidance, knowledge sharing, and capacity building. A collaborative initiative, the CoP works for the greater good and is altruistic in its activities.


The Biodiversity CoP steers and manages the BIG Biodiversity Challenge and Awards. This includes a series of webinars leading to the flagship in-person award ceremony in September. The leading webinars highlight past years winning entries, as well as hints and tips for a successfull application.

​​​The Community of Practice meets 3 to 4 times a year to discuss Biodiversity topics with the aim of producing valuable outputs for the industry. A series of themed webinars is designed and led by the CoP throughout the year, and members will collaboratively discuss biodiversity priorities that can be shaped into new guidance document(s).


How can you get involved?

The Biodiversity Community of Practice is membership-based. Membership gives you access to all CoP activities, events and outputs. If you would like further details or wish to join, please contact CIRIA, by email:



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