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Mark Crooke, Heathrow


Project nominated for: Causeway Nature Reserve - Heathrow Airport

Nominated by: Michael Murphy, Heathrow Airport


Mark's nominator tell us why he was nominated:



From the beginning of this project Mark was very engaging and was very keen that the project provided a

net gain for biodiversity. He listened well to the advice of the Biodiversity Team and communicated the

recommendations to the wider development team.



Mark is very passionate about protecting and enhancing biodiversity and was able to inspire the project to work with our Biodiversity Team. He was also very supportive to the Biodiversity Team helping to deliver their recommendations within the wider project.


Mark maintained a high level of enthusiasm for biodiversity enrichment meeting with the Biodiversity Team on a regular basis to check progress on site and discuss enhancement plans. His enthusiasm translated into real life enhancements on the site that would not have been possible without Marks support.


Mark was instrumental in helping overcome difficulties and challenges during the project. He worked with the wider team to deliver creative solutions. He was also instrumental in recognising potential opportunities and bringing this to the notice of the Biodiversity Team.



Though coming into this project with a, self-proclaimed, relatively low knowledge of biodiversity issues Mark was willing to learn and take on new information. He also helped to share this knowledge with the wider construction project to ensure the enhancement of the biodiversity on site.


How Mark has gone the extra mile to enrich and enhance biodiversity on this project…

Mark, as the development lead on this project, went beyond his normal, not insignificant, duties to ensure the project had an overall positive impact on biodiversity. He was instrumental in engaging the Biodiversity Team and developing the mitigation and enhancement plan that was delivered by the project. Mark was always on hand to help the ecologists giving them the time and information required.

Mark really pushed biodiversity to the forefront of the construction agenda. The success of this project would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and support of Mark, the Biodiversity Champion award would be a well-deserved reward for his hard work and dedication.

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