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  • John Edwards, Group Safety, Health

BIG Biodiversity Challenge - embedding biodiversity across Kier Group

I was fortunate to be invited to last year’s BIG Biodiversity Challenge Awards and was taken aback by the enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment of those present, with regard to protecting and enhancing biodiversity on their sites.

I was honoured to be asked to be master of ceremonies at the 2016 awards.

Looking through this year’s entries, I am astounded at the quality and diversity of the submissions. These, as in previous years, will serve as inspiration for those looking to emulate their peers in delivering biodiversity enhancements on their projects.

It is pleasing to see the ever growing involvement of our clients in this initiative, particularly their sponsorship of two award categories.

Working in partnership with our clients can only strengthen the BIG Biodiversity Challenge going forward.

A key priority of Kier’s Vision 2020, our five year strategy, is to operate a safe and sustainable business, which includes taking action to boost biodiversity by protecting, enhancing or creating wildlife habitat.

Kier continue to be involved in the BIG Biodiversity Challenge, as it allows our employees to showcase the work that they have done in this particular area.

Our employees are attracted by the simplicity of the Challenge, which requires them to add just one new biodiversity enhancement, either temporary or permanent, to their construction site, development or existing building.

This year Kier have undertaken BIG challenges across the whole of Kier’s businesses, including building, highways, living, maintenance, utilities and mining.

Through the BIG Biodiversity Challenge, Kier has gained a greater understanding of the important role biodiversity can play in the wider built environment. For example, trees can play an important part in flood alleviation and an area set aside for wildlife can make a significant contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of local communities.

We will continue to support the Challenge for the key part it plays in helping our industry recognise the positive contribution that it can make to the natural environment.

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