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BIG Biodiversity Champion Award



Voting for the 2019 industry BIG Biodiversity Challenge Champion is CLOSED. 

Meet the finalists for the 2019 BIG Biodiversity Champion.





The BIG Biodiversity Champion award was introduced in 2017. Those entering schemes to the BIG Biodiversity Challenge Awards are invited to nominate one person involved in their project who has demonstrably gone the extra mile to enrich and enhance biodiversity. 


Nominators will be asked to submit a single A4 page summary giving the reasons why this person has been nominated and illustrating how they achieve the 5 key qualities needed to become a BIG Biodiversity Champion. 

Voting for your 2019 BIG Biodiversity Champion is


What does it take to become a BIG Biodiversity Champion?

5 key qualities: 

Someone who is inclusive; who communicates by listening as well as speaking.

Someone who can motivate others with 
honour, integrity and courage.

Someone who can share enthusiasm about biodiversity with others; who can persevere and push to achieve positive outcomes. 

Someone who is prepared to seek solutions when faced with challenges; who looks for opportunities and innovative ways to overcome. hurdles

Someone who understands their subject; who increases their knowledge and awareness as they progress and is capable of sharing and disseminating
that knowledgewith others.

I want to nominate an individual: 


So, you've already submitted your BIG Biodiversity Challenge entry, Now it's time to nominate your project champion. Like the awards, it's free to enter/nominate. 


Download the nomination form here.




I haven't entered a project:


Head over to our 'Get Involved'  page to find out how you can enter your project. 


In order to be eligible for the BIG Biodiversity Challenge 2019, your project must have been completed in the 24 months up to and including 7 June 2019. For eligibility criteria please refer to the judging guidelines. 


The awards are free to enter.

The BIG Biodiversity Challenge Award ceremony

The BIG Biodiversity Awards Ceremony will take place in September in London. Details will be announced in due course.


Sponsorship opportunities:

We have a number of sponsorhip opportunities for organisations wishing to get involved in this year's awards. Find out more or take a look at this year's sponsors. 


Join the conversation:

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